If your business imports or exports, or as an individual you have operations or assets in another country, or simply send or receive money in foreign currency, you will undoubtedly be affected by the foreign exchange markets, so it is important to consider how you can be protected by these volatile exchange rates. Our corporate team will provide you with various financial tools that minimise foreign exchange risk to prevent you from being exposed to rate fluctuations that could cost you thousands of pounds

How can Currencies 4 You help your or your business?

  • Protect you or your business from volatile exchange rate fluctuations
  • Provide solutions to minimise cost without cutting corners
  • Develop effective budget plans
  • Develop your competitiveness within the marketplace

With years of market experience, our corporate analysts understand the importance of purchasing foreign currency at the correct time. A small variation of the exchange rate could affect you by thousands, affecting not only your costs, however, your balance sheet and competitiveness within the marketplace.

Our dedicated personal account managers are there to protect you as an individual/business from volatile rate fluctuations and also to help you choose the right contract when purchasing your currency.

Currencies 4 You provide various financial solutions that enable you to customise the purchase of currency to maturity dates that suit you.

Contract Types:

Same Day Value

If you have already deposited funds into your business account with Currencies 4 You, you are entitled to purchase currency on same day value, meaning your currency will be ready to send out immediately.

Next Day Value

A currency purchase can be instructed at today’s agreed rate and the settlement for this type of contract is the next working day.

Spot Contracts

Buying currency on a spot basis allows you to settle the contract within two working days of the purchase.

Forward Contracts

A frequently used method of hedging against foreign exchange rate movements is to arrange a forward contract. This is an agreement initiated by you to purchase or sell a specific amount of foreign currency at a certain rate, on or before a certain date. By fixing the exchange rate, you protect your business from eroding costs and any further negative impacts. A forward contract enables you to understand your costs for the period of the contract preventing you from any negative curves that may arise if exchange rates move against you. Quite simply, it allows you to guarantee today’s exchange rates on payments you need to make or receive in the future.

Currencies 4 You provide two types of forward contracts:

Open Ended Forward Contract

An open forward contract is the ideal solution for clients who are aware of a payment they need to make, however, prior to the maturity date of the contract. This provides the flexibility about which date you wish to use the currency purchased.

Fixed Forward Contract

A fixed forward contract is designed for clients who wish to specify one fixed maturity date for the currency, and can pay the full balance on this date.

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